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What is "Turn-Key" Complete ?
"Turnkey" was originally the title of the person in a prison who held all the keys to all the doors, or the person who could do whatever was required to get you through any door. Our meaning of "Turnkey" is based on this. Whatever your needs are, we already know what to do, and how to do everything that may be required to get people through the right door.  We accomplish this by knowing, asking, and answering all the right questions.
  • Surveys: Careful attention to details at the beginning of a project help insure everyone is happy at the end of a project. Where, exactly, can a sign go? How, exactly, can it be mounted? What, exactly, are the limits, before we go past them?
  • Quotation: This is a proposal. We are formally saying what we will do based on what you said you wanted, and how much it will cost.
  • Design: This step is more details, and involves artwork. What, exactly, will the sign will look like. Where, exactly, will it will be mounted. No, we can't really show you what it will look like before it's done, but we can get very close.
  • Permits: State and local governments make it their business to know who you are and what you're doing. Different public utilities bury their equipment in the ground. Having the appropriate permits simply means that governments and utilities all know what is planned and agree that its okay.
  • Fabrication: This is when we build the sign. This is when earlier attention to detail pays off. This is a key step, a waypoint, a "point of no return". All previous steps must be completed before this can begin.
  • Installation: This is when the sign is actually affixed at your location. This is when attention to detail makes people happy.
  • Supplies: Do you need something extra for your sign? We have it. Let us know.
  • Maintenance: In reality, everything breaks. When it does, we can fix it.

Life is a journey, custom made for each one of us. Each step along the way may require a little negotiation before we understand. A custom sign is much the same way. The process can be smooth and free of problems. Part of the process of being "custom", however, means that every step along the way is subject to a little negotiation.
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